Let Yourself Push RESET


January is coming to a close. We are one month into successfully achieving our 2016 resolutions.

New Years Day is society’s milestone for becoming a new you. It is the significant point for you to fix everything you are doing wrong or start doing something that you weren’t doing before. You reset yourself. Some people reset their health regimen, “bad” habits, daily choices like sticking to a budget, being on time or spending less time on social media or  _______ (you fill in the blank). We all do it.

Why do we only reset at the beginning of the year on January 1?

The reality is that you have a reset button that can be pushed unlimited times through every day. Your mistakes, regrets or ooppss moments call for you to push your reset button and become a new you immediately. A reset can be your actions (losing your cool), words (saying mean words to someone), thoughts (criticizing yourself), priorities (doing chores instead of spending time with those we love) or time (too much on social media). A reset is simply something that causes you regret and may eventually paralyze your mental, physical or spiritual health.

Here is the Human RESET that you can do everyday:

Reflect on your actions, words, thoughts, priorities, time spent, etc. Reflect on how those resets made you feel and others around you feel.

Empathize with yourself and others. You are your own worst critic. Give yourself grace.

Settle  with your decision to reset and move forward. Do not look back. Do not punish yourself.

Embark towards your future. You push the reset button and gain self-awareness to keep your reset from happening again.

Teach your resets to others in hopes that you can influence their resets positively.

We are not robots who do everything perfectly. We are humans!

You must hit RESET often to be the BEST YOU!

2 thoughts on “Let Yourself Push RESET

  1. Your blog is awesome, Heather!
    …and thanks for the reminder and encouragement about resets…that we can do them daily. I’m RESET-ing today…love the acronym!


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